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No matter your level of skill or experience, we may have some work for you. Currently only contacting β€˜as needed’ by the day, week or project contract hourly painters. Allcoat is a small company, we are always looking for and need help, but currently not hiring fulltime. We ALWAYS start with part time and will offer more permanent work based on performance and building trust over time.

Be patient with the response, we may get back to you sameday or within a week depending on how hectic our schedule is.

Our rates of pay are typically from $18-$30 (some exceptions). If you have your own WSIB, or HST, or your own company, please include that in your details below.

We welcome outside professional painters looking to fill out their schedule. As always we require you to be straight and honest with us regarding scheduling and we'll be straight with you.

If your fresh to the industry and are looking to become an apprentice, state that as well.

Everybody must sign a waiver, communicate respectfully, wear suitable clothing, no drinking or drugs on our jobsites, smoking cigarettes is fine, but only during breaks and in designated areas.


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Give us an honest assessment of your level and years in the industry. Years represent amount of years you were doing painting FULLTIME!. (If part time, 2 part time years equals 1 full-time year) Warning, If you try to mislead us, we'll be able to know quickly and your time with us will be cut short. ;)
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